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Why there is a place for AI in every industrial sector

In Episode 4 of the Economic Acceleration Minute, Kieron Allen offers three takeaways for integrating artificial intelligence (AI) – which can be applied to all industries.

Strong points

00:15 — Ronak Mathur, an analyst of the acceleration of the economy, recently profiled an Australian startup called PIPE AI. The company is developing an innovative AI system to help with large-scale wastewater maintenance.

00:47 — In the accelerating economy, it is essential that organizations understand that AI is a major driver of success, regardless of sectors or industries.

01:04 — The underlying factor that prevents companies from integrating AI into their operations stems from fear of understanding, fear of failure, and fear of losing control.

01:31 — There are three takeaways that dispel the myths that exist around AI integration. While AI technologies can automate and accelerate business processes, humans are still the guardians of AI technologies.

01:46 — Off-the-shelf AI technologies exist and they work. Companies can “take them straight off the shelf” and immediately implement them in their systems.

02:11 — The majority of companies already use algorithms today. They drive countless cloud platforms and are likely integrated into existing technology infrastructures. AI is no different.

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