Industry sector

What are the total costs of environmental protection of the industrial sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The total cost of environmental protection of the industrial sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2021 amounted to 199,093,619 KM, or 0.52% of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s GDP, and was 23% higher than that of the previous year.

Of the total environmental protection costs, 16.4% was spent on environmental protection investments, while 83.6% was spent on environmental protection services.

Most expenditure was for waste management (62.1%), air protection (12.5%), followed by wastewater management (12%) and biodiversity protection (5. 8%).

The total investments made for environmental protection in 2021 amounted to 32,649,726 KM. Of the total investments made in environmental protection, 67.5% were made as investments at the end of the production process, and the remaining 32.5% were investments in integrated technologies, according to data from the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The current total costs for environmental protection amounted to 166,443,893 KM. Of the total current costs, 67.5% are related to internal current costs, the remaining 32.5% to external current costs.

Environmental protection expenditure (EPE) is defined as the amount of money spent on activities aimed directly at preventing, reducing and eliminating pollution or disturbances resulting from production processes (or consumption of goods and services ).

The data comes from the annual statistical survey “Environmental protection costs (INV-OK)”.

The research included business entities classified according to their predominant activity in the following classification activities: mineral and stone extraction; processing industry; production and supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning; water supply; sewage disposal, waste management and environmental rehabilitation activities.

Data on environmental protection costs are collected for different areas of the environment according to the single European statistical classification of activities related to environmental protection (CEPA).