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The industry standard of excellence

Making headlines with last year’s edition of the UF AWARDS, Ultimate Fintech, the leading marketing agency and organizer of the famous iFX EXPO, announces the launch of the UF AWARDS MEA 2023.

The UF AWARDS have been considered the standard of excellence and distinction for B2B and B2C brands that are spearheading breakthrough innovation and achievement in the e-commerce and fintech landscape. The 2023 UF AWARDS MEA continues this legacy by honoring excellence in the Middle East and Africa.

Nominations are now open for the UF AWARDS MEA 2023

Brands looking to stand out in various categories can register through the Ultimate Fintech Website and complete the application form before December 16.

With so many market players eager for recognition in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, being nominated for one or more UF Awards is one of the greatest privileges players in the UF industry can enjoy. fintech and a step towards industry recognition.

Price categories

The UF AWARDS MEA 2023 are designed to recognize the achievements of the best financial technology brokers and providers in the Middle East and Africa. As the MEA region has become the next mecca for financial services and fintech innovation in recent years, the timing for the launch of the UF AWARDS MEA 2023 could not have been more fitting. See the full list of award categories here and nominate your brand in categories that match your business strengths.

A special place for the industry elite

Some of the titles that could propel your brokerage or fintech brand to the forefront of the industry include:

Best Broker – Middle East

Best Mobile Trading App – Middle East

Most Transparent Broker – Africa

Fastest Growing Broker – Africa

Best Crypto Liquidity Provider -AEM

Best trading platform -AEM

Best payment service provider -AEM

Best Technology Provider -AEM

Winners will be selected based on clearly defined criteria targeting quality of service, product offering and industry know-how. If you’re looking to increase your exposure and reputation industry-wide, earning a UF title is the best way to do it.

Join the excitement of the UF AWARDS MEA 2023!

The benefits that a UF Award can bring you are multiple. Sifting through a high caliber organization like Ultimate Fintech and earning its credentials is a merit that never goes unnoticed.

Not only will you increase your brand awareness, but you will also earn a prominent place on the global industry radar, setting yourself apart as “the best” in the business.

Finally, winning a UF Award will build your customer’s confidence in your products and services, thereby strengthening your company’s footprint in the international market.

How it works?

During the nomination phase, all applications are carefully reviewed, reviewed and approved. To participate, companies must first complete the nomination form available on the Ultimate Fintech Website. Interested brands are encouraged to nominate themselves in the categories in which they are strongest.

Then the entire industry will be invited to vote in the ballot. To eliminate suspicion of bias, Ultimate Fintech has created a public voting system, which will be available on the website from December 20 to January 10. Only subscribed and logged in users will be able to vote.

The winners will be announced on January 18, 2023, the last day of iFX EXPO Dubai, all the more reason to submit your application and compete for a UF Award MEA!

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