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The Industry Standard Group welcomes Isha Gulati as Strategy and Operations Consultant

The Industry Standard Group will welcome Isha Gulati to the organization as a strategy and operations consultant, along with an initial roster of community allies. Founded in 2020, TISG is a community organization that innovates on Broadway by finding new paths toward equitable representation in commercial theater.

As a key staff member, Gulati will oversee upcoming TISG initiatives, help galvanize the community and support the organization. Her expertise as a DEI and technology program manager as well as a theater industry professional makes her the perfect asset to TISG as we refine our internal systems and strengthen our community engagement.

Sharing the spotlight on the expansion of the organization, TISG is thrilled to share the initial list of community allies, Asian American Performers Action Coalition (AAPAC), Broadway Advocacy Coalition (BAC), Broadway for Racial Justice (BFRJ), The Business of Broadway (BoB), Get To Work, Groundwater Arts, The Sol Project and Theater Producers of Color (TPOC). The slate will hold the organization accountable for what the collaborative alliance looks like and offer positive and impactful ways to be of service to one another. To see the full list of coalition partners.

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The Industry Standard Group (TISG) is a community-based organization that promotes various projects, increases the presence of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and Colored) investors and producers in commercial production, and expands the opportunities that are afforded to these communities in the industry. The co-founders came together through a shared affinity and a commonality of often being the only collaborator of color in many Broadway production venues, and they sought to create change by reimagining avenues for participation in the within the decision-making levels of the theatre. manufacturing.