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Merah Putih vaccine seeds meet industry standards: Eijkman

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology (PRBME) of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) has said that the Merah Putih vaccine seed it has developed meets industry standards .

“According to the industry, the vaccine seed already met the industry standard where the yield matches industry demand. It is also immunogenic,” PRBME vaccine researcher Tedjo Sasmono revealed Tuesday, at a BRIN event here on Tuesday.

PRBME is developing the Merah Putih vaccine seed using a recombinant protein platform that uses yeast and mammalian cells, he said.

For the platform that uses yeast cells, the vaccine cell is already at PT Bio Farma, an industrial partner in vaccine development, he added.

“The yeast has met the demands of the industry and will be further developed and produced,” he explained.

The development of a vaccine from vaccine seeds is now in the hands of the industry, he said, adding that the main part of the vaccine seed research, which was the work of PRBME, is already finished.

PRBME continues to interact with Bio Farma on the development of vaccine seed into vaccine, he informed.

PRBME regularly conducts consultations, discussions and determines the best purification method for vaccine development with PT Bio Farma so that the vaccine can be immediately swallowed, he said.

Meanwhile, in the case of vaccine seeds developed using mammalian cells, the industry felt that the productivity of the vaccine seed meets the requirements, Sasmono said.

Scientifically, the vaccine seed fulfills the aspect of immunogenicity or has the ability to trigger an immune response, which produces antibodies in the human body, he explained.

However, PRBME has yet to find an industrial partner to develop a vaccine from the vaccine seed and is currently negotiating with the industry, Sasmono said.

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