Industry status

Maharashtra government to give ‘industry status’ to media and entertainment sector

The Indian film industry is one of the most prosperous sectors in India and each year the film and entertainment division generates billions in turnover, both for the states and for the country as a whole. . However, the sector has not been classified as an industry and has not been given the corresponding status.

Faced with this, the government of Maharashtra decided on Friday December 11 to take the initiative. The film and entertainment industry in Maharashtra over the years has provided employment for many people. Bearing this in mind, a proposal to give industry status to the film and entertainment sector will soon be tabled in Cabinet, Cultural Affairs Minister Amit Deshmukh said.

The meeting was chaired by Minister of Cultural Affairs Amit Deshmukh at the Ministry of Film and Entertainment and was attended by Manisha Verma – Director General of Chitranagar, Saurabh Vijay – Secretary of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Anchal Goyal – Deputy Director General at Chitranagar, Vilas Thorat – Deputy Secretary in the Directorate of Cultural Affairs.

Sharing more information, Minister of Cultural Affairs Anil Deshmukh said the status of the film and entertainment sector should be classified as an “industry” as the move will help small and medium-sized businesses secure concessions for their work. In addition, it will also strengthen the economy. Keeping this in mind, the necessary steps are being taken by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs to declare the same industrial zone, and the scope of the film and entertainment industry is enormous.

In addition, in order to give impetus to the contribution made by the film and entertainment industry, the Department of Cultural Affairs has been tasked with working on a policy for the sector, and once the status of industry is implemented. , it will benefit television, digital media, live events, animation, out of home media, film, radio and many more divisions in many ways.