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LCCI for the granting of industrial status to the packaging and corrugated cardboard sector – Business & Finance

LAHORE: The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Monday called on the government to grant industry status to the packaging and corrugated sector. “The business community should also be taken into account in the development of policies related to trade and industry and should be duly represented in government bodies.”

These demands were raised by LCCI President Kashif Anwar, Senior Vice President Chaudhry Zafar Mahmood and Vice President Adnan Khalid Butt during an interview with delegations from the Corrugated Board Manufacturers Association of Pakistan led by Khawaja Imtiaz, Shahalam Market run by Talha Tayyab Butt, Anarkarli run by Muhammad Arshad Khan, Camera Market run by Aurangzaib Aslam and Waseem Hassan from Ehsas for Life Foundation.

Members of the APCCMA delegation said the government should favor the corrugated industry which is facing serious problems including shortage of raw materials, rising paper and utility prices.

They said the corrugated industry provides jobs for over 1.5 million people in addition to being an important source of government revenue. They said that if the problems in this sector are not solved, millions of jobs will be at stake.

The President of LCCI said that the corrugated cardboard manufacturing sector is of significant importance in all industries. The advent and widespread popularity of online business and e-commerce has increased the importance and value of the corrugated industry. Corrugated boxes are the first choice for many companies in the product and service industry due to their efficiency, durability and reliability.

LCCI board members said that the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry will play its part in securing industry status for the packaging and corrugated sector.

They said that the government should solve all the problems in the packaging sector, as the high price of utilities and repeated increases in paper prices pose serious challenges to businessmen linked to this sector.

Officials from the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry have said that utilities and raw materials should be provided to industry at cheaper rates as the high cost of doing business is one of the major hurdles facing this sector is facing. The members of the delegation informed the members of the LCCI office that production costs had to be reduced, failing which a number of factories would be forced to close their doors.

Delegations from Shahalam Market, Anarkali and Camera market praised the efforts of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the welfare of the business community.

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