Industry standard

Laser engraving of standard and custom 3D models

Precision Laser Technology (PLT; Rochester, NY) claims that its laser texturing is the first technology to create directional grains, geometric patterns and intricate full-grain leathers. The company will present its capabilities at PTXPO (March 29-31; Donald E. Stephens Convention Center; Rosemont, Ill.).

PLT claims that laser engraving improves the versatility of pattern designs, increases precision in mold placement, and increases repeatability of multi-cavitation tools. Textures can range from industry standard VDI and matte finishes to custom 3D patterns. The advancement of lasers has extended texture capabilities to reproduce functional micro-structures in molds, allowing, for example, castings to diffuse light reflection, increase throughput, or stimulate tactile senses. .

PLT claims that by using 5-axis laser technology, it has the ability to replicate EDM Charmilles finishes and chemically-induced matte finishes to impart surface roughness or reduced gloss. In terms of custom patterns, PLT can work with grayscale images, designing and generating custom patterns from high resolution scan. 2D and 3D scans of flat samples are generated at 1700 dpi resolution and seamlessly stitched to repeat content which can continue endlessly to create unique branding elements and provide extensive mold coverage.

Precision laser technology

Laser engraving of the mold can impart directional grains, geometric patterns and intricate full grain leathers to molded plastic parts.
Photo credit: precision laser technology