Industry standard

Iyashi Dome sets the industry standard for touchless infrared sauna technology

Iyashi Dome has been an industry pioneer for 20 years and is responsible for creating the authentic Japanese Long Infrared Sauna.

In 2004, founder Shogoro Uemura, was inspired by his father’s work to develop a new treatment protocol based on the Japanese tradition of “Suna Ryoho” sand bathing.

Uemura discovered that his father was collaborating with a group of researchers in long-infrared cell regeneration research that specializes in supporting people suffering from the harmful effects of exposure to radioactivity and polluted and stressful environments.

Hence the idea of ​​creating the Iyashi Dôme, an aesthetic care device for health and well-being professionals.

Iyashi Dome developed the original Japanese sauna and now Iyashi Dome has become the generic term for “Japanese sauna”.

Using authentic Japanese technology, the device harnesses infrared heat to work deeply yet gently on body and face.

This helps stimulate detoxification, encourage slimming, improve sleep, fight skin aging, and prepare muscles for exercise as well as relaxation.

The Iyashi Dôme devices are the only devices on the market to have been the subject of measured clinical studies to prove the benefits of their infratherapy.

According to Iyashi Dôme, thanks to an INPI patented catalyst, his device is the only infratherapy machine capable of eliminating toxins and heavy metals in real time during the session.

“Omotenashi is our mantra. At Iyashi Dôme, we believe that you are unique. This is why we make every effort to accompany you and treat you as a privileged guest. This accompaniment includes personal training and constant monitoring, support in your communication with your customers, personalized advice and a real relationship of trust as an Iyashi Dôme ambassador,” said Shogoro.

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