Industry standard

IDB will improve the automotive industry standard

The Industrial Development Board (IDB) will facilitate the development of the vehicle and automobile assembly industry, enabling it to reach the next stage of growth, said the deputy director general of development (acting) of IDB and Director of WAP Engineering, Kapila Nishantha, to the Sunday Observer Business. the week.

The IDB will help the automotive industry by sharing its expertise and technology to boost industry standards, vital for improving efficiency and minimizing environmental pollution, he said. The IDB will also facilitate the provision of land, factories and the issuance of industry standard certifications.

The Council launched the domestically-made 200CC electric motorcycles at the “Industry 2022” exhibition at BMICH. The exhibition ends today.

The electric motorcycle was manufactured at IDB premises and facilitated by the Board.

The Council has also facilitated the manufacture of electric three-wheeled bicycles and motorized paddle-bikes, prostheses and fixators for the health sector.

The “Industry 2022” expo will give domestic manufacturers the knowledge, funding, opportunities, manpower and distribution network to enable industrialists to achieve their goals, Nishantha said.

The expo will help create sustainable industrial infrastructure through sustainable needs assessment targeting the export market and ultimately increase industrial contribution from 26% to 45% of GDP by reducing economic stress, Nishantha said, adding that building leaders and a second range that could boost currencies by 4-5% in domestic manufacturing is vital.

Industry 2022, a national flagship industry exhibition, is the largest industry event organized by the Industrial Development Board (IDB).

It is the most powerful platform to help industrialists grow their manufacturing industries through essential face-to-face connections.

Domestic manufacturers and assemblers will be exhibiting at “Industry 2022” as it is the only Sri Lankan platform to integrate government institutes, industry, buyers, raw material suppliers and innovators to sourcing domestically-made products, building a network, and making durable products. supplier relationships.

Attendees will be offered a networking experience at the event allowing them to meet exhibitors and research the latest in the Sri Lankan market.

“Industry 2022” is a B2B and B2C exhibition whose effect is to propel the national manufacturing industry by connecting local industrialists with a view to growth.

“Industry 2022” aims to support industry by bringing together key experts and creating opportunities for industrialists and entrepreneurs to learn about cutting-edge strategies, network and hear insights into industry.

Nishantha said the event will provide an unparalleled national platform where government and private industry and facilitators can come together to see and hear about the development of national industry currently in all sectors under one roof.

Selected manufacturers, vendors and service providers representing all industries will be on the same platform. We are not born winners or losers, but coaches. This theme is explored at the event with a vision that “opportunities arise and changes happen in the domestic industry when key players come together,” he said, adding that the event consists of explore public and private sector opportunities together.