Industry standard

IATA aims to provide an industry standard for CO2 emissions calculations

IATA has launched a new online tool which it says will provide the most accurate CO2 emissions calculations for a given commercial passenger flight.

Senior Vice President of Environment and Sustainability Sebastian Mikosz said the platform, known as IATA CO2 Connect, would enable passengers and business travel managers to make the most sustainable choices for air travel, taking into account aircraft types, routes and class of service.

The tool uses a newly developed CO2 calculation methodology, created in partnership with 20 airlines and aircraft manufacturers, in consultation with international standardization bodies and logistics service providers.

It calculates the total fuel consumed using origin and destination airports, flight time, aircraft type, airline capacity and occupancy, and removing the cargo portion. From the total fuel burned, the total carbon emission is calculated, to which a factor is applied according to the class, which results in CO2 emissions per passenger.

Speaking at IATA’s 78th Annual General Meeting in Doha, Qatar, IATA’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Products and Services, Frédéric Léger, explained that the tool uses data from 881 operators aircraft and 57 different aircraft types, representing 93% of global air travel and 98% of the active passenger fleet.

He said that IATA CO2 Connect therefore offers a standard industry best practice approach to calculating CO per passenger2 emissions, in order to provide consistent results for the industry.

IATA said this will allow carriers to benchmark their emissions and assess their progress towards net zero emissions, as well as enable companies to provide accurate environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting to customers and investors.

“Flying sustainably and reducing CO emissions2 emissions is a top priority. The aviation sector is striving to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and travelers want to be more aware of their carbon footprint,” Léger said.

American Express Global Business Travel is IATA’s Launch Partner for CO2 Relate.