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Guitar Pro launches version 8 of its standard notation software

Version 8 of Guitar Pro has just landed, bringing a host of handy new features, an improved user interface and an increased emphasis on playback sound quality.

As Arobas Music – the company behind the notation software – puts it, while version 7 brought about a complete overhaul of the interface, version 8 is more of an “evolution” than a “revolution”. And the key word for this evolution, according to the company, is “sound”.

Chief among the new features in Guitar Pro 8 is the ability to import an audio file into a project, allowing users to transcribe guitar audio without having to constantly switch between Guitar Pro and the browser or window. of the streaming service they are transcribing from. There’s also now a built-in audio filter that makes it easier to distinguish a specific instrument in the mix.

Guitar Pro 8’s audio integration feature also means that a user learning a piece of music from an existing Guitar Pro tablature can follow not just the score but the track at the same time. MySongBook – Guitar Pro’s library of existing tab files – has already started to see a revamp with the inclusion of audio files.

Other features designed for those looking to learn with Guitar Pro 8 include a Track Focus/Unfocus dial – an easy way to boost or cut a track in a mix for greater aural clarity – and a new visual metronome , which makes a section of the top panel flash in time with the music, providing a “more physical way to feel the tempo”.

Guitar Pro 8 also gives users greater control over the sound of their playback guitar, with a new visual drag-and-drop pedalboard that can be used to flavor tracks with classic guitar pedal emulations.

Guitar Pro 8

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Workflow enhancements include a new Command Palette – where users can type a few letters to find any command in Guitar Pro 8 – fully customizable scale diagrams with up to 24 frets and from three to 10 strings, audio note settings that let you control the velocity of each note, and new fonts and visual design options.

Guitar Pro 8 is available now for €69.95 ($75), while users upgrading from Guitar Pro 7 can get the new version for an introductory price of €24.50 ($26). After July 31, existing Guitar Pro users will be able to upgrade for €34.95 ($37).

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