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GlobalCastMD Rolls Out StayCurrentMD Mobile App Enhancements, Sets New Industry Standard for Medical Learning

The app connects the global ecosystem of healthcare providers, enables better patient care and fosters healthier communities

The deployment of Spaces in this new version of the StayCurrentMD app has generated considerable interest as it creates the opportunity for greater collaboration and service line efficiency.

— Josh Nickols, CEO of GlobalCast®

CLEVELAND, OHIO, USA, September 30, 2022 / — GlobalCast® (GCMD), an innovative digital medical knowledge platform, deploys a pioneering mobile medical learning application, StayCurrent®, providing an ecosystem for practitioners of all skill levels to connect, learn, and share cutting-edge information anytime, anywhere. GCMD is on a mission to set a new standard for modern medical learning with content that is always engaging, always expert, and always at your fingertips.

The latest technical enhancements to StayCurrentMD’s mobile app deliver more robust feature sets and functionality for healthcare providers to learn and share, leveraging a wide range of interactive media, including:

• Protocols
• Hospital specific interactive guidelines
• Quality improvement process
• Spaces, a dedicated virtual environment where a hospital or healthcare system can present facility-specific information for content libraries and intra/inter-hospital sharing and collaboration
• Staff directories, including filtering and grouping by collaboration spaces
• Events broadcast live
• Video broadcasts
• Podcasts
• Articles
• Infographics
• Discussions

Whether a user is looking for a quick answer on the go or wants to dive deeper into a medical specialty topic, StayCurrentMD makes it easy for practitioners to get the answers and information they need.

“We are excited about the recent growth in content and engagement,” added Nickols.

Originally launched in late 2018, StayCurrentMD was born from Dr. Todd Ponsky’s vision to promote healthier communities regardless of geographic location or clinician resources. StayCurrentMD has grown organically to cover dozens of medical specialties and subspecialties and meets the needs of medical learners and teams of nurses to general practitioners, surgeons and care team leaders.

StayCurrent® active lifetime users represent a diverse global population with more than 73% of users residing outside of North America, with Europe attracting nearly a quarter of users, while Asia and Oceania , Central and South America, Africa and the Middle East are growing users in double digits. In 2022, StayCurrentMD added over 15% of total new users to date.

“Over the past decade, there has been an explosion of information sources to help clinicians better care for their patients. Recently, besides manuals, this includes videos, pictures and podcasts. At the same time, hospitals generated their own protocols and guidelines for their patients. Although the availability of information provides an excellent learning opportunity, this content is often scattered and difficult to find. StayCurrentMD helps clinicians by enabling them to aggregate the best information from any source, including their own resources, into curated collections of content. When a patient presents with a problem, clinicians can easily access hospital guidelines, related publications, lectures, videos and other tools using StayCurrentMD. Using information from StayCurrentMD and the ever-changing ecosystem creates the most important outcome: improved patient care,” said Todd Ponsky, MD, GlobalCastMD Founder and Chief Medical Officer.

StayCurrentMD is available as a free download from Google Play or the App Store, and there are premium options for sponsored content and partnership opportunities.

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GlobalCastMD’s mobile app, StayCurrentMD, provides expert medical information on the go via interactive media. Download from Google Play or the App Store.

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