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FHRAI seeks “industry status” for the hospitality sector in Telangana

Like Maharashtra’s hotel industry, Telangana also wants its hotels to be billed at industrial rates for power, water supply, taxes and dues instead of the currently applicable commercial rates.

A delegation from the Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI) and the Hotel and Restaurant Association of South India (SIHRA) under the leadership of DVS Somaraju. Hon. Treasurer, FHRAI and member of the executive committee, SIHRA met the Principal Secretary, MAUD. Government of Telangana – Arvind Kumar and Jayesh Ranjan, (IAS) Principal Secretary (I&C) and IT are calling for the hotel sector in the state to be granted industry status. DVS Somaraju submitted a representation on the subject.

Citing the recent decision by the state government of Maharashtra to grant industry status and related benefits to the state’s hotel sector, FHRAI said Telangana also wants its hotels to be billed at industrial rates. for power supply, water supply, taxes and dues instead. currently applicable commercial rates.

“The COVID19 pandemic has caused significant and far-reaching economic damage to the country’s hotel sector. The sector, being a labor-intensive and capital-intensive sector dependent on travel, was the first causation of the pandemic and will be the last to revive. The recovery of the sector will be a long-term affair without full resumption of domestic travel in the country. There has been no foreign affairs in India since March 2020; and with no sign of an imminent recovery in international affairs, the road ahead is uncertain and difficult. Morale is at its lowest today and granting the hotel industry the status of industry will prove to be a much needed boost for the sector ”, said DVS Somaraju.

The Apex Hospitality Association has also called on the government to reduce the number of licenses for the hospitality sector through the introduction of a one-stop customs clearance system.

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