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FERGO – Introducing the New Industry Standard for Exercise Mats

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Chicago Bears punter, Pat

Chicago Bears punter Pat “Megapunt” O’Donnell on the FERGO exercise mat.

LSU Tigers exercise mat officially licensed from FERGO Apparel.  For every race, generation and organization.

Authentic FERGO exercise mat officially licensed LSU Tigers

There are so many factors when choosing an exercise mat. We break down these factors and explain why the FERGO exercise mat sets the new industry standard.

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, January 10, 2022 / – FERGO Apparel spared no expense in researching, designing and developing the new standard for exercise mats that are made of 100% natural, 100% latex free rubber with a suede surface. The FERGO exercise mat is a true testament to their commitment to climate awareness and the use of sustainable resources.

Suede surface is another renewable and eco-friendly material that is so comfortable that it will make the most rigorous training experience so enjoyable that the user will not want to step off.

Fitness fanatics, enthusiasts, yoga practitioners, casual users can all take comfort in knowing that these mats have been developed and manufactured to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

The super soft suede surface provides comfort under the palms and feet that won’t slip in sweat or moisture. The mat provides superior grip that will keep feet firmly planted. As you move on it, the suede surface makes it easy to slide to the next position without any worry of slipping. The construction of FERGO products really raises the bar to set the new industry standard.

It weighs 5.3 lbs, measures 72 “long x 24” wide, with a thickness of 6mm. The strap provided is also very nice and easy to use. It has a thin rubber band along the center line which allows the strap and buckle to grip securely.

FERGO currently has the price of these mats set at $ 69.99 on, Amazon, and society Ebay the shop. This award beats competing yoga and fitness mat brands. The past few years have been difficult for many. Choosing to buy high-end fitness equipment as an investment in personal health is something that many people, unfortunately, have had to give up. FERGO understands this and the Best Fitness Mat Award maintains its goal of making the highest quality equipment affordable for everyone.

FERGO rugs are officially licensed Collegiate products. Each is specific to the individual’s preferred university. The colors are bright, bold and vibrant. The suede surface really makes them stand out and they stand out from the crowd of other yoga, fitness and exercise mats.

These rugs, true to the acronym of the brand itself, are intended for every race, generation and organization, not just alumni and current students.

Environmental considerations, the highest quality materials, superb construction, beautiful artwork, ease of use and level of comfort really take this equipment to a new level.

The price of this rug beats that of top competitors and FERGO often runs specials and giveaways, making it more accessible to everyone.

The partnerships and endorsements of celebrities and sports professionals like Chicago Bears punter Pat “Megapunt” O’Donnell and others are a real testament to the benchmark for quality that FERGO has set.

The FERGO exercise mat can be found on the company’s website or seen in person at the Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show in Las Vegas from January 19-21, 2022.

FERGO Apparel brings 29 years of bespoke performance apparel design to the sportswear market. The company’s further expansion into the retail sportswear market is the next step in creating personalized sportswear and gear for every race, generation and organization. We are committed to providing premium quality sports clothing and equipment for all. FERGO’s corporate headquarters are located in Delray Beach, Florida. We can be reached by email at or toll free at 1 (888) 531-0272

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