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Digital LTL Council Sets New Industry Standard for Electronic Bills of Lading and Aims for Widespread Adoption

As part of the National Motor Freight Traffic Association,The Council is committed to the digitization of the industry

ALEXANDRIA, Va., October 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The National Motor Freight Traffic Association’s (NMFTA) Digital LTL Council has announced the establishment of a new standard for electronic bills of lading (eBOL). The standard is part of the Digital LTL Council’s crucial effort to advance the digitization of the industry to improve supply chain efficiency.

The Digital LTL Council is now asking its members to commit to adopting the standard by July 2023.

“The eBOL standard is essential to help the industry improve overall efficiency and operational excellence,” said Geoff MuessigMarketing Director and Vice President of Pitt Ohio and Chairman of the Digital LTL Council. “As companies in the industry commit to adopting this standard, we know the overall impact will be a great step forward for the industry and for those with whom we partner and serve.”

While other eBOL standards have been developed for the industry, the Digital LTL Council standard stands out for its ability to reduce costs and errors, improve service and communication throughout the supply chain. through better visibility, improve overall supply chain efficiency and secure the industry through contactless. / paperless transactions.

Member companies are invited to commit to the following commitment when adopting the standard:

“While digitalization is critically important to elevating the LTL freight industry, and the NMFTA and its Digital LTL Council have worked to facilitate collaboration, automation, standardization and digitalization – to reduction of paper flow and better overall communication in the LTL industry – I recognize the importance of implementing an Electronic Bill of Lading (eBOL) to achieve the highest levels of shipping and invoicing results precise, and I am committed to developing and fully operationalizing the eBOL with at least one business partner or 3PL, starting at the latest July 20, 2023.”

Early adoption has been strong. The following companies have already made the commitment:

AAA Cooper Transportation
Averit Express
Banian Technologies
Blue Grace Logistics
Logistics Carrier
CH Robinson
Dayton Freight Lines
Reliable Expressway
Dohrn Transfer Company
Echo Global Logistics
Estes Express Lines
KDL Logistics
Koch Logistics
Midwest Auto Freight
Former Dominion Freight Line
Project 44 (P44)
Peninsula Truck Lines
Pitt Ohio
Polaris Transportation
Ross express
Freight Saia LTL
Southeast Freight Lines
Total quality logistics
Special delivery in the United States
Transport & Logistics Department
Global Express

According Paul Dugentexecutive director of the Digital LTL Council, the standard is the result of a team effort supported by industry leaders and NMFTA staff.

“We have worked two years to develop this standard because we recognize the impact it will have on our industry and its partners and customers,” Dugent said. “As we move towards widespread adoption, we are confident that the benefits will also be widespread across the industry.”

The new standard represents a unified step forward for an industry committed to digital excellence and determined to translate this principle into policy and action.

“Everyone understands the importance of cybersecurity and other best practices in the digital space,” said Debbie Sparks, Executive Director of NMFTA. “The standard we have developed here helps member organizations structurally implement these practices in their organizations in a consistent and actionable way. This is in line with the organization’s vision to facilitate such progress for the the whole sector.”

Project44 (P44) and a diverse group of industry leaders formed the Digital LTL Council in November 2019 with the aim of advancing the full digitization of the LTL industry. NMFTA became the main sponsor of the LTL Digital Council in June 2022 provide industry expertise, dedicated resources, marketing and legal support – in addition to the financial resources needed to accelerate the Council’s work.

To sign the pledge and download the new eBOL API, visit:

About the NMFTA

Since 1956, the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. (NMFTA) has represented the interests of the LTL (Less than Truckload) motor carrier industry. NMFTA is committed to helping LTL carriers meet the challenges facing the transportation industry in the 21st century through research, education, and publication of transportation specifications, rules, codes, and the preparation and dissemination studies, reports and analyses. NMFTA membership is available to all interstate and intrastate for-hire motor carriers.

About the Digital LTL Council

The Digital LTL Council brings together carriers, logistics service providers, shippers and technology providers with the sole purpose of developing a set of uniform standards that support the scalable automation and digitization of LTL shipping.

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