Industry standard

Coton’s pet crematorium reaches industry standards after inspection

A PET crematorium between Whitchurch and Wem claims it is the first, and only to date, a business in Shropshire to receive specialist accreditation following an independent inspection.

Coton Meadows Pet & Equine Crematorium, Coton, has been awarded the accreditation that “ensures a highly professional and dignified shipment for animals” after passing a series of rigorous workplace assessments that set it apart from other services offering pet funeral.

Completion of the inspection resulted in Coton Meadows gaining membership in the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria (APPCC), which introduced the measures following reports of pet abuse. animals after their cremation.

Karina Rodgers-Hughes, owner/partner of Coton Meadows, admitted she was delighted to be granted special member status.

She added: “I hope this reassures people that we adhere to the highest possible standards in terms of customer service and animal handling practices.

“Being animal lovers ourselves, we realize how important it is to treat everyone’s pet with the kindness and love they have received throughout their lives.

“We see little difference between the loss of a person and the loss of an animal in terms of the upheaval it causes, which is why we always respect and treat them with the utmost care and dignity when of their last trip.

“Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen elsewhere.

“We know how painful this loss is and have experienced it many times ourselves, so we understand how important it is to feel like you’ve done your best for your pet until death. any end.

“The chance to witness the cremation is always an option here. It can be reassuring to watch the process and gives complete peace of mind to people worried about their pets being cremated alone.

“It is also a responsibility to return a pet’s ashes to the owner as quickly as possible as we believe this helps the healing process and the feeling of having them home on the same day can be very comforting.

“We want to offer all animal lovers the opportunity to say goodbye to their pet with dignity while giving you complete peace of mind.”

An APPCC spokesperson said: ‘Meaningful inspections are essential if we are to gain the public’s trust.’

To find out more, speak to Karina on 07494 264040 or email