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C2PA releases the specification for the world’s first industry standard for content provenance

SAN FRANCISCO, January 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the Content Provenance and Authenticity Coalition (C2PA), an organization created to provide publishers, creators and consumers with flexible, opt-in ways to understand the authenticity and provenance of various types of media, has released version 1.0 of its technical specification for digital provenance. This specification is the first of its kind and enables content creators and publishers around the world to create tamper-proof media, by allowing them to selectively disclose information about who created or modified digital content and how it was modified. C2PA’s work is the result of industry-wide collaborations focused on digital media transparency that will accelerate progress toward global adoption of content provenance.

With the deluge of digital content and rapidly changing technology, it’s hard for consumers to trust what they see online. Misleading content, such as AI-generated deepfakes or more traditionally manipulated media, can be indistinguishable from reality, so establishing the provenance of media is essential to ensure transparency, understanding and trust. This C2PA specification will provide platforms with a method to define what information is associated with each type of asset (e.g. images, videos, audio, or documents), how that information is presented and stored, and how evidence of tampering can be identified. As an open standard, it is designed to be adopted by any software, device or online platform as well as by regulators and government agencies to establish digital provenance standards.

Along with this announcement, today at 1:00 p.m. ET, the C2PA will host a public virtual event: Provenance of Digital Content: Possibilities and Opportunities for the Future of the Internet in the Wrong wrong and the age of misinformation.” Policymakers, academics and industry leaders will discuss the future of responsible digital media creation, publishing and sharing – in addition to providing a presentation and demonstration of the new C2PA technical specification. Free registration and more details for this virtual event are available here.

“Today’s announcement marks an important step towards combating the rise of misinformation and promoting trust online,” said Leonard Rosenthol, Chair of the C2PA Technical Working Group and Senior Principal Scientist, Adobe. “As C2PA continues to implement open digital provenance standards, broad adoption, prototyping and communication by coalition members and other external stakeholders will be critical to establishing a verifiable integrity system on the Internet. .”

The C2PA has been launched in February 2021 with founding members Adobe,Arm, BBC, Intel, Microsoft and truepic, and has since expanded with new members, including Akamai, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Quickly,Twitter, WITNESS and others. This specification is informed by scenarios, workflows, and requirements gathered from industry experts, community feedback, and partner organizations, including the Original Project Alliance and the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI). Following the publication of its draft specification in September 2021, the C2PA underwent a deliberate and extensive community review and comment period to finalize the specification and ensure it reflects the complex nature of this effort. It is designed to enable the global and voluntary adoption of digital provenance techniques through the creation of a rich ecosystem of digital provenance-enabled hardware and software for diverse individuals and organizations while meeting appropriate security requirements.

Going forward, C2PA remains focused on ensuring that the specification is used in a way that respects privacy and personal control of data, with a critical eye for potential abuse and misuse. More details are available here. Public feedback on the C2PA Technical Specification can be submitted in line and organizations interested in joining C2PA can learn more through its website.

Quotes from C2PA Steering Committee Members


“C2PA’s release of the industry’s technical specification for digital content provenance is a monumental milestone for creators, publishers, and consumers around the world, and Adobe is proud to help lead this effort to create a more trusted online ecosystem. With the specification released, we will continue to educate the industry on the importance of provenance and work to pursue broad adoption to combat the rise of inauthentic content online. – Andy Parson, Senior Director, Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), Adobe


“The release of the first C2PA specification for media provenance is a huge achievement in how the industry has come together to tackle the issues in such a short time. It is an important and exciting tool for help us fight misinformation and so that everyone can be able to determine the origin of their content.” – Jatin Aythora, Director of Research and Development, BBC


“C2PA’s release of its first specification is an important step in establishing a technical standard designed to help address misleading information online through content provenance. Content creators, distributors and consumers around the world should be able to leverage this technology by establishing and communicating the source and story of digital content. At Intel, we believe in creating breakthrough technology that improves the lives of every person on the planet, and C2PA specification/technology is another step in this endeavor. Stephen Balogh, Technology Policy Specialist, Intel Corporation


“Today marks a turning point in online trusted media. The C2PA specification provides an interoperable standard for media provenance across diverse digital ecosystems, vendors, and markets. It enables technical solutions to help address trust issues that challenge each of us every day. Microsoft is proud to have helped develop and lead this work through its commitment to the organization and looks forward to seeing this technology adopted. Andrew Jenk, C2PA Chair and Senior Program Manager, Microsoft


“We have long believed that secure media provenance is the best way to relay authentic, high-integrity digital content online. An open standard in which any platform, website, application or organization can ingest, curate and publish This consumer content will be critical to building trust at Internet scale.In an era of unprecedented fraud and visual misinformation, we are honored to deploy the first C2PA-compliant mobile camera. Jeff McGregor, CEO, Truepic

About C2PA

The Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) is an open technical standards body that tackles the prevalence of misleading information online by developing technical standards to certify the source and history (or provenance) of content digital. C2PA is a project of the Commune Development Foundation. For more information, visit

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