Industry standard

Aisha-Ochuwa Tella continues to raise the standard in the jewelry industry

Many people are puzzled as to why some gemstones, sapphires and diamonds fetch prices over a thousand dollars while others might be available for a pittance. What factors affect the price range of a gemstone? And what should a buyer pay attention to when buying a gemstone?

However, Aisha Ochuwa’s luxury produces an intriguing response. But exquisitely crafted bracelets and earrings create an enduring image of power and grace. Accordingly, Aisha Ochuwa Luxury is in the business of selling a line of diamond jewelry that exudes feminine vitality via lovely floral designs and striking stones with excellent cut and clarity.

Aisha Ochuwa Tella founded the company on the principle that when she and her team work together to achieve a common goal and grow, their products naturally reflect the same values ​​and ideals. It was some time ago. thus suggesting a deeper value that is both aesthetic and heartfelt.

Amazing collections of jewelry in gold, diamonds, colored stones, silver and pearls are now offered by the brand. They cover a wide range of events and vary from mid-range to high-end. In addition to home delivery, they also provide maintenance, repair and customization of jewelry. supported by a team of talented in-house designers, production experts and service managers.