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Aiforia aims to set a new industry standard for customer support with the launch of its unique Aiforia Community Platform

Aiforia Technologies PlcPress release, April 28, 2022 to 09:00 EEST. Earlier this week Aiforia Technologies launched the Aiforia community platform – one of the only available platforms of its nature, for pathologists and scientists using AI for image analysis software in preclinical and clinical settings. The company’s users, ranging from some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to the world’s top-ranked hospitals and medical institutions, now have free access to the community platform.

The goal of the Aiforia community platform is to bring the world together Aiforia community of health professionals, which currently covers more than 50 countries. The platform offers its users a unique opportunity to: learn and share best practices directly with their peers and from Aiforia extensive team of scientists from various medical fields, access exclusive resources provided by industry experts, as well as a portfolio of other key features.

“The creation of the Aiforia community platform really ferments our client-centric approach. We aim to make our users feel empowered, harness the full potential of their own expertise while using breakthrough medical technologies and that their voice is raised within a community of their peers”, explains Emma VehviläinenMarketing Director at Aiforia Technologies.

The voice of users

Ahead of the full release this week, Aiforia Technologies launched a soft launch open to its more than 3,000 existing users from hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, MIT, and others. Within hours of inviting customers to test the upcoming platform, many users signed up. Listen to their experiences testing the Aiforia community platform:

“What makes the Aiforia community platform unique is that it allows Aiforia users to easily connect and share ideas or advice, regardless of the project they are working on or the company they represent. It’s a wonderful way to bounce ideas from other knowledgeable users, get attention and tips on troubleshooting, and just get excited about artificial intelligence in general,” says the Dr. Jillian Athey DVM, resident in veterinary anatomical pathology at University of Illinois.

The Aiforia community is unique because it really creates a sense of community. The learning and problem solving that takes place on the platform happens through friendly interactions with peers. From a technology perspective, this is very different from support tickets, bug reports, and other standard ways of interacting with software,” explains Dr Aleksandra Żuraw, DVM, Ph.D., Dipl. ACVP Veterinary pathologist and editor of the Digital Pathology Place.

The future of the community

Plans are already underway to constantly evolve the Aiforia community platform. Aiforia aims to give community users the opportunity to participate in online events with leading experts, wider adoption of the product is expected as Aiforia rolls out new tools and features while ideation features will benefit both customers and from Aiforia product developers to provide the best possible user experience. The Aiforia community platform is essential to ensure that healthcare professionals using from Aiforia the software can do this with the highest degree of support and engage with a community of peers around the world.

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