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AFP launches new industry standard for car and van deliveries to dealerships

A new voluntary industry standard covering deliveries from car and van dealerships to fleet customers has been launched by the Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP).

The AFP Dealer Standard consists of 28 points covering pre-delivery standards, condition of the vehicle at handover and familiarization with its key functions.

Paul Hollick, Chairman of AFP, said: “The aim of the dealership standard is quite simple: to ensure that the vehicle is delivered in excellent condition to the end user of the fleet, who is shown the fundamentals of its operation and which is treated with courtesy.

“The need for this kind of benchmark has become apparent over time as a number of factors have come to light. Probably most important is that cars and vans have rapidly become more complex. Long gone are the days when a driver could sit in the seat of a new model and experience all the key functions in minutes.

“Modern vehicles require a certain degree of familiarization during handover – particularly in cases where drivers are adopting an electric model for the first time – to be used safely and efficiently.

“While this requirement has become essential, issues such as the pandemic and supply issues have put dealers and the logistics industry under considerable pressure, meaning transfer standards have varied significantly.

“What we hope to encourage is a high degree of consistency in important areas such as ensuring vehicles arrive with a high level of charge.”

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Hollick said AFP intended the dealership standard to be “rapidly adopted” as an industry benchmark on a voluntary basis.

“Dealers can join the standard for a fee by contacting AFP and pledging to meet its requirements, in which case they also become members of the organization,” he said.

“They can then use the Dealer Standard logo in marketing materials and tenders to promote their participation in the program.

“We have, of course, spoken to the main dealers in the creation of the project and there is a high degree of interest.

“They recognize the importance of getting this crucial element of the fleet customer experience right and the first ones who have decided to participate should be announced within weeks.”

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More details on the AFP Dealer Standard can be found here or by emailing