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New NATURE tool aims to become the industry standard for sustainability

A brand new free tool to help built environment professionals play a greater role in nature recovery and climate resilience has been officially launched. The Nature Assessment Tool for Urban and Rural Environments (the NATURE Tool) tracks the extent to which any new infrastructure or development project generates ‘net gains’ for the natural environment. Now […]

Industry standard

IT Industry Standards Training for Data Center Administrators

Standard data center training for IT administrators can help data center professionals better understand and apply IT industry standards. Administrators can also use the credentials of this type of training to demonstrate a specific level of expertise on a topic to their peers and employers. Data center professionals who want to complete their credentials should […]

Industry status

AP Chambers seeks industry status for the logistics sector

AP Chambers called on BJP National Secretary General and Rajya Sabha MP Arun Singh to grant industry status to the logistics sector. Mr. Arun Singh was in town to participate in a “meeting of intellectuals” organized by the party here on Wednesday. AP Chambers Chairman Sudhir Mulagada and KRB Vice Chairman Prakash made some suggestions […]

Industry standard

Rewrite of the industry standard for algorithms – News

“I’m not kidding – we are doing something that has never been done before,” Yassine Dhouib ’24 said of the research he, Dara Levy ’23 and visiting assistant professor of computer science Dave Perkins are leading. summer. The trio are working on two different projects in the field of computing, aimed at improving and streamlining […]

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Jharkhand Government Reflects Policy to Boost Industrial Sector, Entrepreneurs Seek Reforms | Ranchi News

RANCHI: The state government is banking on formulating new policies and putting in place new infrastructure to boost Jharkhand’s manufacturing and industrial sector in the coming weeks. While the final draft of the new Jharkhand Industry and Investment Promotion Policy (JIPP) is due to be presented to the state cabinet for approval, the state industries […]

Industry sector

‘Three-Day Power Outage Is Chilling Blow to Mohali’s Industrial Sector’ | Chandigarh News

MOHALI: The industry sector that has gone through very difficult times during the pandemic and containment, which has resulted in heavy losses of business and a drop in demand. The three-day industrial power cut will be the last nail in the coffin for industries in Mohali, said Yogesh Sagar, president of the Mohali Industry Association […]