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Expert – The New Indian Express

Express press service CHENNAI: Should Tamil Nadu grant industry status to the tourism sector to help it weather the pandemic-induced crisis? In debt for more than a year, and with vacant rooms, the sector is banking on the plan drawn up by the National Tourism Directorate to revive the sector. Chief Minister MK Stalin has […]

Industry standard

AcadiaSoft becomes Acadia to reflect industry standard platform

After transforming into an industry standard platform, Acadia is now focused on helping clients comply with regulations, optimize collateral and liquidity, and manage capital more efficiently. AcadiaSoft decided to rename Acadia to reflect its progression from a pure software company to an industry standard platform over the past decade. The company, which recently enhanced its […]

Industry sector

Maharashtra signs MoU with US to boost agribusiness sector

Agriculture Minister Dadasaheb Bhuse and United States Consul General David Ranz on Wednesday signed a memorandum of understanding to promote and strengthen Maharashtra State Agricultural and Rural Transformation Program (SMART) projects to improvement of small and marginal farmers. The collaboration between the state and the United States Department of Agriculture aims to research cutting-edge technology […]

Industry status

Telecommunications sector considering the status of the industry

“In order to expand the telecommunications sector and promote investment, it is proposed that the telecommunications sector be given industrial enterprise status,” Tarin said during his speech. The government granted industrial status to the telecommunications sector in the federal budget for the fiscal year 2021-22. Unveiling the budget measures on Friday, Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin […]

Industry status

WHT rates reduced to 10%: industry status for the proposed telecommunications sector

ISLAMABAD: Government proposed industrial status for telecommunications sector, reduced withholding tax rates from 12.5% ​​to 10% for tax year 2022, and 8% for telephone users due to mobile phone and Internet or prepaid phone cards, reduced rate of federal excise duty on telecommunications from 17% to 16%, and a reduced withholding tax rate of 3% […]