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Turkey reaches 80% domestic production level in defense industry sector

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The share of local military production in the Turkish defense industry amounts to 80%, reports Yeni Shafak, citing the president of the Turkish union Harb-Is, Alaattin Soydan.

Soydan made the remarks during the defense industry workshop organized by the union in the Cinarcik district of Yalova.

“Turkiye has made about 80% local production in the defense sector. The MILGEM (national ship) is the biggest export item in the history of the Republic of Turkiye. Two of them are in the process of being construction for Pakistan and two in Istanbul shipyards,” Soydan said. .

He pointed out that national companies such as Havelsan, Aselsan, Roketsan and TAI are now well known and that Turkish engineers operate machines in industries around the clock, as well as control submarines and combat aircraft at sea. and in the air.

“MILGEMs are the biggest export item in the history of the Republic of Turkey. Two of them are being built for Pakistan and two in Istanbul shipyards. Today our friends of the Kayseri Supply and Maintenance Command began and are carrying out the refurbishments of the A400 M cargo planes throughout Europe The people who made the assault howitzers, of which we are so proud today “today are our friends. These activities are still ongoing at our first main maintenance plant in Sakarya,” Soydan said.

He added that the staff have difficulties in carrying out their duties and that they ask for help in this regard.

“When it comes to complying with orders, regulations, rules, circulars, we say: ‘You are soldiers, you must obey’, but when it comes to benefiting from social rights, we are told ‘You are a worker, it has nothing to do with you. It’s for military personnel.” This is an issue that always hurts our friends, always makes them feel inferior,” Soydan pointed out.

However, employees work at the border all year round and even go beyond. They fix the tanks alongside the soldiers in the front line. In a desert area, they dismantle the engine of the tank, repair it and reassemble it, he added.

“One of the most pressing concerns is the use of military camps and guesthouses. Our advocacy is never for vacation purposes. We don’t need them to stay in military guesthouses during our tour. Our request is that when they are on duty for the state, they cannot find a hotel. We want them to reside in the clubhouse in exchange for state-provided sustenance. We want our employees to also benefit from military camps and guesthouses,” Soydan stressed.

Soydan forwarded applications for a special passport, gun license and permit, optional membership in the Army Solidarity Institution and the right to travel at reduced cost, which was granted to TAF military personnel, to be extended also to union members.

Tarkan Zengin, adviser to the president of the union, pointed out that the defense industry in Turkey has seen great development over the past 20 years.

He added that there were about 62 defense industry projects worth $5.5 billion in 2002.

“Currently, there are over 750 defense industry projects with a total budget of $75 billion. There is a 12-fold increase in defense industry projects and a 14-fold increase in budget One of the main reasons for this is the budget allocated to research and development (R&D).There has been a 30-fold increase in R&D in the last 20 years.The industry budget defense spending, which was allocated to R&D in 2002, was $49 million, and now it exceeds $1.5 billion,” Zengin pointed out.

He pointed out that the share of local products in defense has increased from 20% to 80%. In some circumstances, national production exceeds 97% when broken down by product. For example, Turkey provided 97% of local production of unmanned aerial vehicles and 100% in many other categories. The country has already reached this level with smart missiles and ammunition.

Talking about the Turkish Defense Industry, there are organizations, such as Aselsan, TUSAS, TAI, which are affiliated to the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, as well as the private sector, but military industries serve as the basis for all. The country has military industries dating back 100 or 110 years, Zengin pointed out.

Zengin pointed out that Turkey is aware of the importance of the defense industry sector, which covers a much wider area ranging from digital security to food and economic security.

“Turkiye has three important capabilities in the sector. First, it has the political will and determination to continue its development in the defense industry. Second, it has a skilled workforce to manufacture these products. Third, it has the technical infrastructure to service and manufacture these products.Turkey has grown from a market to a global player in the military sector.We are seeing the fruits of this today and we will see them in the future. Because the development of the defense industry is not only specific to this field, it saves you from external dependence, gives you significant power in international relations, and leads you to forge new alliances, we saw it in Karabakh, Libya,” he pointed out.

Harb-Is Turkish Vice President Hasan Karaca gave a presentation on military factories. The workshop brought together union general secretary Yasar Yavuz, academics, writers and journalists.

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