Industry status

The hospitality sector needs industry status


The hospitality sector in Pakistan has great potential and the government should grant it the status of industry in order to reap maximum economic benefits, the president of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry said ( ICCI), Muhammad Shakeel Munir.

Speaking to a delegation from the Islamabad Restaurants Association on Tuesday, the ICCI chief pointed out that Pakistan, being an emerging market, has huge business opportunities for hotels and restaurants, but due to the lack of industry status, the sector still had not developed its potential. .

He believed that granting industry status would help increase investment in the sector, which would create many employment opportunities.

Thousands of people were employed in the hospitality sector and due to the Covid-19 pandemic the sector suffered huge losses, he said, urging the government to provide a back-up plan in order to to alleviate their difficulties.

He assured the association that the chamber would offer all possible cooperation to resolve its issues.

On occasion, the president of the Islamabad Restaurants Association, Khurram Khan, has lamented that many small hotels and restaurants are closed due to Covid-19, but the government has given them no relief.

“It is not possible to restore closed hotels and restaurants without government support,” he said, adding that the government should grant relief in electricity and gas tariffs and should also announce a assistance plan to relaunch commercial activities.

He pointed out that a large number of people working in the hospitality industry had lost their jobs due to business closures. “The government should come forward to support the revival of closed businesses,” he said.

Emphasizing the need to grant industry status to the hospitality sector for its growth, he pointed out that the demand for good hotels is increasing in Pakistan.

Posted in The Express Tribune, October 13e, 2021.

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