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South Africa: consultations on the development of an event industry sector code are launched

The Events Technical Production Transformation Forum (ETPTF), with the support of the Ministry of Sports, Arts and Culture, will conduct Phase 2 consultations for the development of a B-BBEE sector code for the event, technical and production services (ETPSI) industry, an intervention to drive transformation.

“Although South Africa is one of the leading countries in Africa, [the] transformation process is taking place at a slow pace, and there are still areas of the value chain that are not being transformed,” the department said.

Consultations will be held on Friday with stakeholders from different levels of the ETPSI value chain, including industry business owners, employees, freelancers, event, technical and production companies, Large Scale Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) practitioners. , civil society, trade unions and representatives of the three spheres of government who will participate in the consultative session.

“A sector strategy report commissioned by the Ministry of Sports, Arts and Culture in 2014 confirmed that more action is needed in the sector for transformation to occur, particularly in areas such as ownership, leadership, access to event infrastructure, skills development, and access to financial resources,” the ministry said.

In October 2021, the ETPTF conducted Phase 1 of the consultations through a series of webinars as a first step to sensitize the sector to know about the process and participate in the development of the sector code.

The Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition has established the Event Technical Production Transformation Forum to pursue transformation goals within the event, technical and production services sector.

To this end, the Forum has been mandated to draft a Code for the Events Industry, Technical and Production Services in accordance with Official Gazette No. 36928 of October 2013.

The process was then entrusted to the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture to provide support to the ETPTF in facilitating national consultations and finalizing the draft sector code before publication in the Official Gazette.