Industry standard

Safelite sets the industry standard for automotive glass maintenance

Repairing your car window can be intimidating, whether you’re dealing with major damage or just trying to get some scratches on your windshield repaired. Fortunately, when it comes to handling, repairing and replacing your car’s glass, Safelite AutoGlass® is the go-to supplier. Need of to replace a whole window or windshield? Safelite’s expert technicians can tackle the job from start to finish, regardless of make, model or year. Are you just dealing with a small shard of a windshield? Safelite provides repairs on the spot, preventing a tiny flea from potentially turning into a much bigger headache down the road. They even offer advanced safety system recalibration, if necessary – a manufacturer’s requirement following windshield replacement – for features like automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning to work properly. Whether you are visiting a store or meeting a MobileGlassShop ™ technician at your home or workplace, when it comes to auto glass repair and replacement, Safelite is the obvious choice.


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