Industry standard

Discover the new Crystal16 – The new industry standard

Crystallization technology expert Technobis Crystallization Systems has launched the Crystal16 V3, a new industry-standard multi-reactor crystallizer for mid-throughput solubility determination.

With the built-in transmissivity technology included in the Crystal16 V3, users can now perform fully controlled, large-scale crystallization studies, from identifying results to optimizing leads. Users can combine the CrystalBreeder, Crystal16 and Crystalline PV/RR in a flexible configuration to optimize solid state research.

Watch this Crystal16 V3 video to learn more.

Drug Discovery with Crystal16 V3

The solubility of any drug candidate plays an important role in the selection of compounds for drug development. However, Technobis customers report that the HPLC method for solubility determination takes up to 112 hours. This includes the time to prepare 16 samples, run the multi-step analysis, and complete the equilibration to get the results.

Laboratories now face increased demands to analyze more samples in less time. That’s why the new Crystal16 V3 builds on the success of previous models by increasing the efficiency of on the spot laboratory equipment and maximizing sample throughput.

New Online Analytics Features

Some of the Crystal16 V3 features include:

  • Integrated air cooling and extended temperature range between -20 and +150 degrees Celsius
  • Chiller cooling also available from -25 to +150 degrees Celsius with all four block reactors in parallel
  • Flexible, intuitive and user-friendly software with built-in search and analysis capabilities
  • Breakthrough transmissivity technology with increased accuracy and improved particle detection at low and high concentrations
  • Feedback control, automated decision making and simplified nucleation time measurements
  • Shaking overhead and below. Top agitation specifically developed to alleviate attrition issues, and bottom agitation for your simplest experiments.

Save time and resources with Crystal16 V3

Upgrading your crystallization workflow to take advantage of automated benchtop analysis equipment will help scientists save time and resources, while promoting productivity elsewhere in the lab.

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