Industry manager

Dewayne Massie, Nye Corrugator Industry Director

Meet Dewayne Massie, Nye Corrugator Industry Manager. Dewayne has been helping corrugator manufacturers save money and reduce downtime for almost 15 years with NyeCorr® 140 Corrugator Grease. Since Nye joined the FUCHS group, Dewayne has worked closely together working with our colleagues at FUCHS to extend the products and services we offer to the corrugator industry. In this month’s interview, we asked Dewayne a few questions about Nye’s new plans in the corrugator industry:

What is the total lubrication service for corrugation plants offered by FUCHS in collaboration with Nye Lubricants?

The Total Corrugator Plant Lubrication (TCPL) service came into being when Nye was looking for ways to offer lubricants and services to the corrugator industry outside of the wet grease we currently provide. When Nye joined the FUCHS Group in 2020, FUCHS ‘diverse product and service portfolio expanded what we could offer our customers. TCPL is a convenient advisory service where the corrugator lubrication experts from Nye and FUCHS work with your plant’s maintenance team to develop a personalized service and lubrication package that best meets your needs. The TCPL aims to provide greases and oils for every point in the plant that needs lubrication, as well as related services to ensure efficient operations.

Besides quality lubricants, how does TCPL improve plant efficiency?

Due to the highly competitive business environment in which corrugator factories operate, they are extremely focused on maximizing uptime and minimizing waste while operating safely. Often times when we perform a factory audit as part of our TCPL service, we see many opportunities for cost savings, waste reduction and simplification of maintenance related to a factory’s lubrication plan. typical corrugator. After the audit, we are often able to reduce the number of different lubricants that will be used in the plant. By managing and ordering less lubricants from a single supplier, inventory management becomes more efficient and the risk of using the wrong lubricant in the wrong machine is greatly reduced.

How Does NyeCorr® 140 Corrugator Grease Help Customers Reduce Costs?

NyeCorr®140 is considerably less expensive than similar PFPE corrugator greases offered by other suppliers, and it performs just as well. This grease also offers advanced protection, as well as friction and wear, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

What’s your favorite part of working at Nye?

My favorite part of working at Nye is the people I work with and the relationships with people in the corrugated industry that I have developed over the past 30 years. My clients have allowed me to travel the world. The support from my colleagues in Nye which has been a big part of my life. I wouldn’t trade my time here for nothing.