Industry status

CII Seeks Industry Status for Kerala Tourism

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has reiterated its demand to declare tourism an industry in Kerala given the immense contribution of the sector to the economy of the state and its vast potential for growth.

CII Southern Region Chairperson Suchitra Ella told reporters here on Thursday that this time the CII will work to ensure that the government takes the appeal on the tourism sector to heart. She explained the priorities and highlights of the work plan for 2022-23 in the ICN South region.

Giving it industry status will help boost tourism, especially in the post-COVID period, she said and stressed that the government has responded positively to ICN’s call.

As part of its efforts to help the tourism sector grow in the state, CII will strive to make Kerala the health and wellness destination of the world as Kerala has growth potential in segments of the wellness and medical tourism. ICN will also urge the government to establish a world-class Ayurvedic medical school as an international center of excellence, which will boost the tourism sector in the state.

CII will also work with the government to promote the Kerala brand at international forums such as the World Economic Forum and G-20 global events, which will take place around the world, including in India. CII has pledged state support to show its potential on the world stage, she added.

The confederation, through the Government of Kerala, CII Consultative Forum and 11 other government committees, is also playing a role in policy advocacy for the promotion of industries in Kerala, the CII official said.

CII has also been keen to promote sustainable development through green initiatives as well as promote the state’s cultural heritage.